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Lisa R. is on the staff at one of Cincinnati’s largest retirement communities. She frequently recommends Hercules Moving to people moving in to her community. “Hercules is flexible,” Lisa says. “They are able to make things happen, whether the move needs to happen in two weeks, two months and occasionally in two days.” They are great at working with seniors!. I never get complaints, and that speaks volumes about how they get people settled smoothly and comfortably. Their pricing is very fair, and I’m impressed by the way Hercules ‘gives back’ to the community by working with the American Cancer Society’s Discovery Shop locally.”




Carrie Riddle is in the East Central Division of the American Cancer Society. She sent this message after a cancer walk that attracted over 10,000 participants: “Good morning, Hercules team – We cannot thank you enough for the support Hercules provided once again to our annual Making Strides event. The amount of help provided in trucking, labor, and peace of mind is sincerely appreciated by staff and American Cancer Society volunteers alike. The driver Dave was once again an incredible presence, helping with just about anything, and always with a smile and pleasantries. We cannot say enough about this staff member. Truly, thank you for everything you provided and for the donation you’ve made. The event was an incredible success and in no small part thanks to Hercules’ efforts and support.”




Joe Madden owns DIFFERENT SEASUNS (yes that’s how it’s spelled!) FITNESS AND TANNING SALON, which Hercules moved recently. From the start, Joe was impressed with Hercules. “I’d called a different company, and they wouldn’t even come out to do the estimate—they just gave me a figure on the phone which I knew was unrealistic. Then I called a second company and they came out and wanted to charge me a fortune,” says Joe. “So I called three more companies, of which Hercules was one, and thought Hercules offered the best combination of price and professionalism. The moving crew was polite and responsive, and they hustled hard from the moment they came through the door. They had to move some huge, awkward pieces of equipment through a narrow single door, and they did it without any damage at all. We were still open during the move (it is being done in two stages), and I wasn’t ashamed to have them around our customers. I’m looking forward to having them handle the second half of our move, and have offered to put up a “Business moved by Hercules Moving” sign afterwards!”




Cort Furniture Rental has used Hercules five to six times a week over more than four years for their deliveries in the greater Cincinnati area. “The pricing works for our customers, and Hercules is very careful and dependable,” says Jerry Cox (Clearance Center Manager).“ Hercules is very flexible, which gives us the quick turn-around we need, delivering the merchandise the same or next day. We send customers to them all the time.”




“Pieczonka Unlimited is a rapidly growing clothing and accessories retailer based in Cincinnati. Hercules has moved them twice (as they outgrew their previous facilities) moving clothing, displays, and office furniture. “They do a good job,” says Todd Pieczonka, “their crews are polite, and they’re real workhorses. The company is fair; they always meet your schedule, and they’ll say yes to any special requests.” When Todd’s dad moved from his 9,000 square foot house, he had Hercules do that too. “I told him to relax,” Todd says. “He didn’t have to lift a finger—they did it all.”




“GIS Dynamics recently moved their 3,500 square foot offices about five miles away. The move, which primarily involved records, cubicles and office furniture, was scheduled for a Saturday, to minimize downtime, and was completed that day. “The crew was very professional--prompt and friendly,” says VP of Operations Tim Price. “They showed up when they said they would, and had the job done in only about eight hours. Hercules was a good choice for us.”


“All Woman Obstetrics and Gynecology in Fort Wright, KY has moved twice—both times with Hercules. Whether it was just between floors or across town, they were very happy with the service. “The crews were excellent—very professional. They asked questions, followed directions carefully, and didn’t crack so much as a glass while moving 19 rooms, including physicians examining tables, medical equipment, office furniture, and even charts. They worked hard, and got us completely moved in just 13 hours.” Needless to say, I used them when changing houses myself, and they handled my piano, grandfather clock, and other household goods just as professionally. When anyone mentions moving, Hercules is who we recommend!”


- Elaine Tillery, Office Manager




“Jacinda Murphy is the Facilities Coordinator for the Hamilton County Educational Service Center, which houses the federal Head Start program for the county. This pre-school program has 26 different locations, and Hercules moves from 3-5 of their classrooms a year. “I use Hercules for a several reasons,” Jacinda says. “The office staff is very helpful and accommodating with meeting our schedule. The moving crews are always nice, and willing to do whatever you ask. A classroom includes tables, bookshelves, cabinets, cubicle dividers, the occasional refrigerator, and LOTS of miscellaneous materials, and they take care of it all.” And finally, Hercules’ price is very reasonable. “In fact,” she adds, “they’re so reasonable and trustworthy that I also used them for my own personal moving needs.”




The Ritter Company represents Food & Packaging manufacturers. Hercules recently moved their office, and they sent us this: “I apologize for not sending this note sooner….but we have been trying to settle in. We did want to send our very high praises of the moving team you sent for our move last week. Dave, Nick and Manny did a wonderful job and wasted no time doing it. They could not have been more polite while ambitiously getting the job done! We were all impressed with the work done by these three gentlemen. Once again, thank you, and we will certainly recommend your company in the future.”


- The Ritter Team




I am manager of the ******** ****** *******'s non-profit upscale resale shop in Cincinnati. Ron Hirth, the owner of Hercules Moving & Storage has been a business friend of our shop as well as *** for a number of years. He generously donates his truck and moving team for pick-ups on at least a monthly basis. His movers are highly professional, courteous and extremely efficient with no time wasted. These men seem to enjoy what they are doing and make it look a lot easier than I know it is. All of our staff and volunteers respect the excellent service and highly recommend them.


- Craig S., Store Manager

To whom it may concern: My mother, who is 67 years old, used yours services to move on Friday and I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what a GREAT job the crew did. In what was a very stressful day for her, Dave, Brandon and Joe were unfailingly pleasant, supportive and patient. They continually encouraged her to rest, and just let them know what she needed them to do.


They never made her feel as though she was being rushed, made sure to compliment her on how well she had things packed and organized, and went out of their way to alleviate her concerns about getting things moved.


At the new house, they seemed more concerned that they place things where she wanted them than they were with the amount of time and energy it took to move them. And at the end of a 12 hour day, they were as cheerful and patient as they were that morning.


I sincerely appreciate their efforts and attitude, and based on their work, I would recommend your services without reservation.


- Kristy C.




I have used this company twice now. Once to move me from a condo to a house and another time to have them move furniture in my home from one level to another. Both times, the men did an excellent job. They were on time, professional, and kind. However, a bay window in my new house was broken by one of the men as they were moving box springs from the first level to the second level. It was, of course, an accident, and they apologized and instructed me to contact their main office to speak with the owner. I called the main office and the woman who answered the phone said she would have the owner call me regarding the broken window. It has been a little over a week, and I have not yet received a call from the owner of the company. Even though this mishap occurred, I would still use this moving company again, and would recommend them to friends and family.


- Danielle M.




We have used Hercules three times in the past 11 years. They have always done a great job. Very friendly and professional! Would use them again.


- Deb




This is the 3rd time we have had Hercules move our family. Each time they have done a fantastic job! The first time we used them we researched about 5-6 different moving companies and after googling all of them and comparing prices we chose Hercules. The second time we did the same thing and again chose Hercules after researching the pricing and companies. The third time, my wife didn't hesitate, she called Hercules as we knew they would do a great job and we would pay a fair price. We were right! Another great move! More than likely we will be moving again and you can bet that we will be calling the Hercules team.


- Troy M.




I just utilized Hercules Moving & Storage Inc. for my residential move yesterday. Everything, from coordinating with the administrative assistant to the actual move itself, was a positive experience. The movers were very friendly, efficient, and did a great job. Additionally, Hercules provided extremely reasonable pricing, and was readily available for a Sunday move, (which I had trouble finding with other moving companies). I highly recommend this company for any upcoming packing/moving and storage jobs you may have.


- Jennifer M.




Dave and Kevin arrived promptly at 9:30 to move my mom's furniture to our home. David and Kevin treated her furniture just like it was their own furniture they were moving. My mom is elderly and it was hard for her to leave her home. Kevin and Dave made my mom feel comfortable, told her "have a seat young lady and let us do all the work for you." Dave and Kevin worked well as a team. I could tell they had plenty of experience moving furniture. It was raining this day also and nothing got wet or damaged. In a matter of an hour and a half my mom was settled in my home with her own furniture. I would highly recommend Hercules especially Dave and Kevin.




A friend referred me to Hercules Moving & Storage and they moved us last weekend. We were very pleased with the experience. The moving men they sent were not only polite but amazingly strong. They worked quickly without breaking anything. In the end, the cost was lower than quoted. 5 years ago we'd used 2 men and a truck and had a pretty horrible experience, so we'd been expecting the worst. I would recommend Hercules Moving.




The owner of Hercules personally came to quote our large, complicated move. We left a 4 bedroom home of 25 years and were downsizing/storing/waiting for a townhouse to become available. I was so impressed by how professionally Ron assessed our situation and how calmly he reassured us that they would handle our move. We have antiques, collections & items of value that were treated with care and respect. We also had a time crunch, so we asked for a quote that would include total packing. To my surprise, the packing estimate was extremely reasonable and Ron personally packed our most fragile things. When the actual move occurred, it was completely smooth and easy....but happened the week before Christmas. (yikes!) So, when we arrived at our new home, I decided to keep one of Hercules' workers to help me unpack and remove the boxes and packing materials. It was a reasonable cost and turned out to be invaluable!!! We would "strongly" recommend Hercules Moving.


Sincerely, Jan K. Hyde Park

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